Our Products

R&S Soil Products, Inc. owns all their roll-off trucks and walking floor trucks ~ They are ready to deliver various quantities all over many areas of Southern California. 

Our pricing is very competitive and all material is top quality.

Mulch application can also be coordinated to be applied by blower trucks to save time and labor.

  • Premium Topper Amendment ~ Rototilling for seed, sod or seed topper 

  • 1-2" GW Topper Mulch ~ Ground Cover  

  • 3-4" GW Topper Mulch ~ Ground Cover 

  • 3/8" Douglas Fir Wood Chips, with or without Nitrogen 

  • Planter Mix with Amendments

  • Top Soil 80/20

  • Top Soil 50/50

  • Cactus Mix Indoor

  • Cactus Mix Outdoor 

  • Color mix ~ great for color beds, potting soil, starters or plugs

Click below to find the amount of yards of mulch you will need at various depths.